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Pagemaster Reading Adventures: Bozeman Summer Camp

It may come as a shock to you if you were asleep from 2020 to now, but grade school children are tragically far behind in literacy skills and many children are not only reading later, but barely comprehending what they're reading. Why? Years of external stress at a level beyond what developing minds are equipped to handle. We are seeing five year olds reading at above level, but children eight, nine and ten years old are struggling! So, Epoch is offering "Pagemaster Reading Adventures" summer camp for ages six through ten years old.

The two week camp will take place on our five and half acre campus in the woods. Imagine your child reading a book in a hammock by the creek and writing, or reading, a recipe to prepare over the campfire or in the oven on a log cabin. Perhaps an older child reads about caring for goats and then has the opportunity to care for our seven goats under the guidance of a loving adult. Children learn best through play and "reading camp" at Epoch will be heavily play based.

We've noticed kids are reading mostly graphic novels, comics, and stories based on TV and movie characters that, quite frankly, lack the depth required for a child to really connect with the material. In Waldorf, we select stories carefully! We choose stories with rich, descriptive language, and complex plot that speak to the child's inner life and meets them where they are in their development. We use fairly tales, folk tales and classic novels to excite the imagination and inspire art, music, poetry, and limitless creation.

We invite you to come and see what Waldorf education is all about at Pagemaster Reading Adventures camp this July for two weeks. Email

Be well, Chelsea Vail

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